How to Spot Media Bias When Watching the News

How To Spot Media Bias When Watching The News

( – Once upon a time, journalists would inform the populous of the current news without bias. They never cried on television when they believed their preferred presidential candidate won or lost. They didn’t ruthlessly attack the sitting president in order to go viral. Those types of reporters are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, but not impossible.

If you want to know whether your news source is biased, look for the following signs:

  • Do the journalists talk about how they feel about certain news stories?
  • Does the television program or print media use a wide variety of sources on both sides of the aisle when discussing politics?
  • Is there a lot of language meant to evoke an emotional response? For example, lots of racial buzzwords.
  • Do the headlines match the content?
  • Is the media company ignoring important stories?

Check out the following video for more information:

Knowing who’s relaying the news to you will help you understand if what you’re reading or watching is fact or hyper-partisan nonsense meant to divide.

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