How Trump Improved Life for Minority Voters

How Trump Improved Life for Minority Voters

( – The Democratic Party has spent more than four years painting President Donald Trump as a racist. They started before he was elected and continued afterward. Leftists spread those lies despite his diverse cabinet picks and willingness to tackle the tough problems.

Here are just a few of the ways in which President Trump was able to improve the lives of minorities in America.

  • Trump passed the First Step Act, one of the largest reforms of our criminal justice system in decades. One element of the bill was especially important, it eliminated the “three strikes” rule that has disproportionately impacted black people.
  • He gave millions in funding to historically black colleges and universities.
  • Before the pandemic hit, the unemployment for minorities was at a record low.

Not only is the president not a racist, he’s tried to do everything within his power to make the country a better place for all Americans.

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