Hunter Biden Allegedly Had Exotic Dancer on His Law Firm’s Payroll

Hunter Biden Allegedly Had Exotic Dancer on His Law Firm’s Payroll

Look What Money Hunter Biden Was Secretly Using

( – President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has made countless headlines over the last couple of years. He has admitted he suffered from addiction issues, and numerous questions have arisen about his business dealings. A recent report accused him of more misconduct.

According to a bombshell report, Hunter Biden paid a stripper with whom he was having sex a full-time salary at his company Owasco PC. His firm paid Lunden Roberts $1,500 for 40 hours of work on November 16, 2018. The report was based on a payroll file that was on the server of the laptop he abandoned. The younger Biden’s company also paid $521.37 for the woman’s health, vision, and dental insurance.

The payments to Roberts came three months after she gave birth to Hunter Biden’s child (a fact proven in court) in August. He claimed that he had no recollection of having sex with her, but the payments could prove he did know and was trying to help her.

In 2020, Arkansas’ Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter Biden to pay an undisclosed amount of child support and insurance premiums. Reports indicate President Biden has not met the child and she allegedly does not have Secret Service protection.

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