Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Linked to Communist China

Hunter Biden's Art Dealer Linked to Communist China

( – Hunter Biden is reportedly going to meet with art buyers soon to purchase his work. The paintings are supposed to go for as much as $500,000 each, far more than the typical price for a new artist. There were already ethics concerns surrounding the sale of the paintings, but now there’s an added worry because Hunter’s art dealer is linked to China.

On July 26, Fox News uncovered an old 2015 interview between Georges Berges, Hunter’s art dealer, and Resident, a news organization. During the discussion, Berges said his plan was to be the “lead collector and art dealer” in China. He explained he wanted to find the “next generation of modern artists” in the country. Berges also said he thought the Chinese economy was transforming the world.

The White House has said Hunter won’t know who is buying his art, but admitted he’s meeting with potential buyers. Ethics watchdogs worry that potential buyers could be trying to gain influence with President Joe Biden through his son, which isn’t the first time those allegations have been made. Berges’ ties with China make the possibility even more alarming.

Republicans have questioned Hunter Biden’s links to China for years. This could be further proof they’re deeper than the public knows.

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