ICE Agent Resigns As He Declares America Is Doomed

ICE Agent Resigns As He Declares America Is Doomed

( – The last six months have been a disaster for border control. President Joe Biden reversed almost all of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, causing a mass influx of illegal immigrants. It was all too much for one Border Patrol agent.

On Tuesday, August 3, Thomas Feeley spoke to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about why he recently resigned from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The former senior official said the crisis on the border is so bad, illegals are processed over the phone after entering the US. He called the border “wide open,” saying the administration is “not enforcing” immigration laws.

According to Feeley, agents will say they aren’t being told to break the law, but aren’t being told to enforce it and he thinks splitting hairs on the issue is going to be bad for the country.

In his resignation, Feeley said the Biden administration was crippling the removal process, “endangering the American public.” He didn’t want to participate in that.

While speaking to Carlson, Feeley told a story about a man who was in prison for the last 12 years after being caught at the border. One of the contractors on the border told him to release the man because he had not been arrested in the last decade. When Feeley explained that’s because he was in prison, he was allegedly told to release the guy anyway.

No wonder he resigned. How many more like him are going to leave?

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