ICE Pushes Back Against NY Sanctuary Laws

ICE Pushes Back Against NY Sanctuary Laws

( – Following the killing of Maria Fuertes, a 92-year-old Queens woman beaten to death by an illegal immigrant, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are stepping up their attempts to get around so-called “sanctuary” laws. On Friday, the agency served a series of subpoenas on New York prison officials, demanding information on illegal immigrants the city is currently protecting from federal authorities.

Reeaz Khan, a 21-year-old from Guyana, was arrested in November on assault and gun charges. While he was in custody ICE submitted a detainer to city cops, which NYPD ignored and subsequently released Khan. He allegedly went on to assault and kill Fuertes.

Now ICE says they’re not requesting information — they’re demanding it. They want information on three men, including a murder suspect, who New York officials have recently released in defiance of federal detainers.

Just hours before the subpoenas were served, acting ICE director Matthew Albence told a Manhattan news conference that the city’s leaders have blood on their hands.

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  1. This is a major red flag and must be tagged. Who is responsible? The former administrator’s of this country? How did this little mouthy squitch Omar make her way into congress? How do they slip thru the cracks? This must be reversed in all what are former so called “leaders” were doing to our country. This is one big messy train wreck! So typical to the 911 event but done inside with a very evil plan.

  2. Why can’t the ladies family file a lawsuit against the prison system and NEW York for releasing the killer into the public instead of turning him over to ICE?

  3. when the ICE. want information all law officials should give them the information that they are asking for , because it could very well mean saving a member of their own family

  4. I would bet you the leaders of New York state and New York city prison systems are run by democrats looking for future votes. This just proves satan is the head of the democratic party,the blood of innocent people is on there hands.

  5. If the states that has declared a sanctuary law and does not want to turn over the illegal immigrant that has committed these crimes then all monies from the government should be stopped and the government should immediately ban sanctuary cities anyhow. Why in the hell would the people of NY stand for this or any other state. The people of those states should be careful what they ask for.
    It’s bad enough with all the killing going on in this country of police officers who are trying to uphold the law when the people they have elected to serve them is doing anything but protecting them. Just my two cents.

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