Ilhan Omar Is Dropping Husband’s Firm (REPORT)

Ilhan Omar Is Dropping Husband's Firm (REPORT)

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was under fire throughout her campaign for the seemingly shady business deal she had going on with the political consulting firm owned by Tim Mynett, her husband. In September, she told the New York Times it would be a “stupid thing to do” to cut ties with the E Street Group. Apparently, she’s changed her mind.

On Sunday, November 15, Omar’s campaign sent an email to voters saying she’s cutting ties with the firm. Omar said she’s doing it to make sure voters don’t feel there’s an “issue with [the] support his firm provided to her re-election fight.

Omar’s campaign reportedly sent 140 payments to the E Street Group over a 15-month period. The firm made $2.78 million from the business arrangement. Now that the timing is convenient, the congresswoman wants to sever the relationship after the company already paid buckets of cash to her husband.

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