Ilhan Omar Is Now Claiming Fox News Staff Are Accomplices to January 6th

Ilhan Omar Is Now Claiming Fox News Staff Are Accomplices to January 6th

Ilhan Omar Fox News Announcement – It’s Not a Joke

( – The January 6 hearings are underway in Congress. Fox News made the decision not to carry the hearings live on its main channel; instead, the network aired its usual primetime shows. That caused one progressive congresswoman to make an extraordinary accusation against Fox.

On June 11, Omar appeared on MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin’s show to discuss the hearings. The host asked her what she thought about Fox News Channel’s decision to not air the hearings live, especially considering host Sean Hannity was repeatedly mentioned as having text messages with former President Donald Trump’s staff the day of and in the days after the Capitol attack. The congresswoman claimed the network’s hosts “played a role” in the riot, saying they were “accomplices.”

Omar accused the network of spreading lies about the election results. She claimed they incited the riot, called on people to attack the Capitol building, and colluded with “supremacists.”

The congresswoman provided no proof that Fox News was involved in planning the events that happened that day. The network certainly asked questions after the election, after Americans claimed they saw suspicious activity. However, the network was also one of the first to call the race for Joe Biden.

As a member of Congress, Omar has an obligation to tell the American people the truth — not lob unfounded accusations at media figures. Do you think she should apologize to Fox News?

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