Ilhan Omar Launches Hypocritical Attack at Dan Crenshaw

Ilhan Omar Launches Hypocritical Attack at Dan Crenshaw

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has a problem. Every time she speaks, she seems to insert her foot right in her mouth, whether she makes her comments vocally or types the nonsense out. Recently, she did exactly that when she went after Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

Omar is one of the members of Congress who’s trying to get the For the People Act passed. She thinks the legislation is necessary to secure voting rights. Crenshaw is not onboard with the bill. Not because he doesn’t think those rights should be secured, but because he doesn’t agree with a number of leftist provisions.

On June 22, he tweeted his objections to the bill. That angered the Democratic congresswoman, who shot back that she doesn’t think she’d be “indignant if her district” looked like his. She posted a photo of some of the demographics of his district.

It seems Omar was particularly annoyed that his district has a lot of white, high-income earners.

Here’s the problem: her district is whiter.

According to DataUSA, her district is 62.7% white non-Hispanic compared to Crenshaw’s 46.3% white non-Hispanic. So, what exactly is she talking about? She’s criticizing her Republican colleague for what? Winning in a district with more minorities than her? That seems odd and pointless, but she isn’t exactly known for thinking things through.

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