Immigration Enforcement Adjusted During COVID-19

Immigration Enforcement Adjusted During COVID-19
  • January 31, the president announced a Chinese travel ban. 
  • March 11, Trump bans travel from Europe. 
  • March 18, USCIS suspended in-person services. 
  • April 22, immigration was temporarily stopped. 

( – Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump has been working on ways to limit migration to the US to slow the spread and protect Americans. Experts believe his decisions have largely been successful. The Supreme Court just handed him another win.

Immigration Pause

In late April, the president issued an order temporarily halting immigration to the US. While Democrats were angry over the decision, the commander-in-chief said it was necessary to ensure unemployed Americans could find work.

Trump’s order is in effect for 60 days and prevents people who are seeking green cards from receiving them. The spouses and children of American citizens are exempt from the executive order and family reunification will continue.


On April 24, the Supreme Court denied a request by a group of state attorneys general (AG) to stop the Trump administration from enforcing their “public charge” rule during the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy takes an immigrant’s use of public assistance into account when deciding whether or not to grant legal status.

The AGs who sued claimed the rule would stop immigrants from seeking help during the outbreak. However, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) already said people seeking status would not have public coronavirus treatment counted against them. Essentially, the lawsuit was a waste of time and resources because the president was already making sure they’d receive help.

Experts Approve

Former ICE Acting Director Tom Homan has praised Trump’s immigration stance throughout the pandemic. In an op-ed to Fox News, he said the president’s policies are protecting the American people from further spread of COVID-19.

Acting Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf also believes Trump is doing the right thing. He told Fox News the immigration pause will help protect US jobs as the economy starts up after the outbreak.

Getting Things Done

Democrats and immigration activists may not be happy with the president, but he’s the one making the hard decisions. His ultimate priority is protecting Americans and that’s what he’s doing. More importantly, President Trump has kept US citizens in mind as he makes his decisions, that’s why he exempted spouses and children from his executive order.

People don’t have to like his choices but when they live through the pandemic, they should be grateful.

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