Impeachment Trial Leads to OMB Document Dump

Impeachment Trial Leads to OMB Document Dump

( – The Senate impeachment trial started this week and Democrats were already disgruntled from the very beginning.

Democrats in the Senate didn’t approve of how the impeachment trial would be conducted. So, much of the first day was spent in a sort of back and forth where Democrats would propose an amendment while Republicans struck it down. One of the requests made by Democrats involved the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), calling on the office to release information deemed to be crucial to the articles of impeachment set against President Trump.

Later that same night, the OMB released a lengthy stash of papers related to the impeachment process. The office provided 192 pages of documents related to financial aid being initially withheld and eventually provided to Ukraine. They apparently contain information that wasn’t previously available for the House impeachment hearings.

These documents were released under a Freedom of Information request made by the American Oversign watchdog organization. According to the OMB, there may be more information released soon.

We’ll keep you posted on this and other impeachment trial developments.

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  1. “Fox is the finder, the stink lays behind her” my opinion, the Democrats think there has to be something illegal with President Trump because that’s the way they operate themselves, in order to keep their power at any cost, by lying and cheating. They are fearful that the people who voted for him will increase in number and he will be re-elected in November.

  2. The House was supposed to have their case together when they submitted it to the Senate, And now they are crying about the rules they had for the House not working in the Senate, You can’t change the rules mid game just because you had no case to begin with.

  3. Cannot believe McConnel &Republicans rejecting all the accurate data provided by the Democrats with many witnesses. I thought they all took a oath . Cannot believe how crooked they are and totally with TRUMP the biggest liar ,over 16,000 to date & draft dodger tax evader& so on.

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