Income-Based Parking Ticket Proposal

Income-Based Parking Ticket Proposal

( – It’s almost certain that either you or someone you know has gotten a parking ticket at least once in their life. Currently, in Boston, parking ticket fines range from $15 to $120, not including any circumstantial fines or late fees. However, the city is now considering the scale parking ticket fines based on the individual’s income:

Parking meter violations increased from $25 to $40 in 2018. During the same year, $61.3 million was collected from 1.38 million parking tickets.

The main concern of some legislators is that these low-income individuals already struggle with paying the bills, especially when it comes to food. According to a Greater Boston Food Back study, those who struggle to put food on the table in Eastern Massachusetts have an average weekly food budget shortfall of $21.21 per person. Around 30% of Boston citizens in the lowest income bracket are in “car-dependent neighborhoods,” and are more susceptible to receiving a ticket.

This type of fee structure could certainly benefit them. The Boston City Council met this week to discuss the proposal.

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