Indian “Robin Hood” Has Been Arrested


Real-life “Robin Hood” Led Away in Handcuffs

( – The story of Robin Hood is one that has been handed down over generations in one form or another. An anti-hero robs the rich to give to the poor, and the townsfolk celebrate. Indian authorities have now arrested a man who many have described as the literary hero come to life — but, the crimes he’s being accused of are not so noble.

On Friday, August 19, police in Delhi arrested 27-year-old Wasim Akram for allegedly leading a band of robbers. Unlike the hero in the Disney film, authorities say their suspect didn’t give much to the poor. Instead, he and his gang of up to 25 thieves kept the majority of the goods they stole from wealthy people for themselves.

Police in the capital city are accusing Akram of committing 160 crimes. But, not all of those were theft; he also allegedly raped victims and committed attempted murder. Law enforcement followed him for four months before they moved in, and when they finally did, they laid a trap for him.

According to the Economic Times, it was difficult for the police to catch Akram because he’d given some of his stolen loot to people in need. That helped him gain a loyal base of supporters who refused to speak to officers.

The Indian Robin Hood is now awaiting punishment.

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