Investigators Find COVID Variant in New York

Investigators Find COVID Variant in New York

( – COVID-19 has been the source of a great deal of destruction. Like any virus, it changes over time, and new variants are proving to be serious threats.

New York health officials have found a case of the Brazilian COVID variant in a Brooklyn resident, the state’s controversial governor announced on Saturday. This new mutation of the virus is worrying doctors, who fear it could be transmitted more easily, cause more serious symptoms and be more resistant to vaccines. It’s overwhelming the health care system in Brazil, and now it’s in the US.

On March 20, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) said that a single case of the Brazilian variant was identified at Mount Sinai Hospital and verified by the state health department. He said the patient is a woman in her 90s with “no travel history,” meaning she caught it here in the US.

Almost 50 cases of the Brazilian variant have been identified in other states, but this is the first in New York. The state has suffered heavily from COVID already thanks to Cuomo’s flawed policy of sending infected seniors back to nursing homes – where tens of thousands of elderly New Yorkers died.

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