Iowa Caucus Changes Could Complicate Claims of Victory

Iowa Caucus Changes Could Complicate Claims of Victory

( – There could be more than one “winner” in Iowa thanks to the new way Democrats report caucus results.

Democrats will now reveal the raw number of votes tallied for each candidate, a decision that’s unprecedented in the history of Iowa caucuses. While the policy sounds straightforward enough, it’ll almost certainly cause some confusion among observers.

Due to the underlying processes of the Iowa caucus, the DNC candidate with the most votes at the start may not be the one who receives the most delegate support.

This is similar to the national electoral vote versus the popular vote. The “electoral vote” in Iowa has always been in place, while the raw tallies are akin to the “popular vote.”

So, for example, it might be possible for both Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Joe Biden to claim victory in Iowa after the caucuses come to an end.

Final caucus numbers will be counted on the evening of February 3.

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