Iran Leader Vows Execution for Those Behind “Mass Poisonings”

Iran Leader Vows Execution for Those Behind

( – A war on women and girls is reportedly underway in Iran. Protests broke out last year after a young woman was allegedly murdered by the country’s moral police. That led to a government crackdown that killed even more females and their supporters. It seems girls are under attack again, and the supreme leader has made a deadly threat.

There have been more than 1,000 cases of schoolchildren being poisoned since November. The majority of those who have fallen ill are girls. The exact details of the poisonings are hard to nail down because of censorship in Iran. Deepa Parent, a reporter for The Guardian, said the attacks on the mostly females “aren’t sophisticated.”

A doctor reportedly told Parent that he’d only treated cases like the poisonings in people who worked in the military or agriculture positions. The chemical allegedly used to poison the schoolgirls was a “weak organophosphate agent.” Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a weapons expert, spoke to CBS News, saying that tear gas could create some of the symptoms those impacted have been suffering from. Also, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide could create some of the symptoms.

On March 7, the Daily Mail reported Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s brutal supreme leader, called the poisonings “unforgivable.” He told state-run media that if it’s proven that the school girls were poisoned, they would “be sentenced to capital punishment, and there will be no amnesty” for the alleged attackers.

On Tuesday, March 7, Iranian authorities announced people were arrested in “five provinces,” and the police are conducting investigations into the alleged crimes. Nothing is known about the suspects at the time of this writing or what evidence the government has against them.

Fortunately, there have not been any deaths reported in relation to the alleged poisonings. Most of the kids who fell ill recovered within just a few days.

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