Iran Performs First Confirmed Execution of Protester

Iran Performs First Confirmed Execution of Protester

( – Iranian pro-freedom protesters have been locked in a violent confrontation with the country’s Islamic regime since September. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands arrested. Now, the ayatollahs have begun carrying out their threat to execute detained protesters.

On September 25, Mohsen Shekari, a 22-year-old who worked in a Tehran cafe, was arrested after a member of the brutal Basij militia was injured during a demonstration. Shekari’s uncle said his nephew had placed a length of highway guardrail in the road to block militia vehicles. But on November 1, Tehran’s revolutionary court convicted him of using a weapon with intent to kill and cause terror, then sentenced him to death. His appeal to the country’s Supreme Court was rejected on November 20, and on December 8, he was executed by hanging.

In November, Iran’s parliament voted decisively to use the death penalty against protesters. So far, up to 21 protesters have been charged with capital offenses, and five have been sentenced to death — but, in total, at least 18,000 are believed to have been arrested. How many will the regime actually execute? It’s impossible to say, but Shekari’s death isn’t an encouraging sign.

Meanwhile, Shekari’s family don’t even know where his body is located. His uncle says the family has already been sent on wild goose chases to two cemeteries, only to find no sign of his grave. This is a common tactic from the Iranian regime. Even following the death of their prisoners, they continue by torturing bereaved families.

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