Iran Reportedly Close to Developing Nuclear Bomb, Report Finds

Iran Reportedly Close to Developing Nuclear Bomb, Report Finds

( – One of the primary foreign policy concerns for lawmakers in both parties has allegedly been to keep a nuclear weapon out of the hands of Iran. The hostile nation is incredibly aggressive, and is a threat to the US and its allies. That makes a recent prediction absolutely terrifying.

When President Joe Biden took office, he said he intended to negotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran. Former President Donald Trump had removed the US from the Barack Obama-era pact that reportedly hadn’t been very effective. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the new administration quickly realized Iran’s nuclear program was way too advanced to ever re-enter the previous agreement – something former Trump officials had been saying for quite some time.

The terms of any new agreement would allegedly leave the Iranian government in a position to gather enough fuel for a nuclear bomb in less than a year.

Trump took a hardline approach with Iran because he recognized just how dangerous the country is to the security of the world. Biden, however, is continuing to push ahead with the talks despite the latest news. Republicans have accused the POTUS of pandering to the terrorist regime, which has made the US and its allies less safe. The latest news certainly seems to lend credibility to their allegations.

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