Iran Starts Building Key Component for Nuclear Bombs

Iran Starts Building Key Component for Nuclear Bombs

( – As President Donald Trump’s first term winds down, Iran is becoming more belligerent. The Middle Eastern country has repeatedly threatened the US in recent weeks. Recent reports indicate officials in Tehran are taking things a step further.

On January 14, the Daily Mail reported Iran announced plans to start making uranium metal. It’s used to build nuclear cores, a key component of a nuclear bomb. This news comes a month after officials moved to increase its uranium enrichment.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) noted the hostile country is clearly escalating.

Iran isn’t just a threat to the United States; it’s also a threat to our allies. The president has made a lot of progress toward peace in the Middle East, but the Iranian government has refused to bend. It seems as though the country is intent on starting a conflict, but the problem now is that Trump might not be around to stop it.

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