Iran’s President Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will “Bow” and Lift Sanctions on Them

Iran's President Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will


  • Iran reportedly tried to meddle in the election to get Joe Biden elected.
  • In November, the country’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated. 
  • Iran believes Biden is the key to having sanctions lifted.
  • The Trump administration continues to keep Tehran in line. 

( – In October, the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Chris Wray held a news conference to discuss the election. The two officials said that both Russia and Iran were trying to meddle in it. Iran was trying to hurt President Donald Trump and help elect Joe Biden.

Voter registration information was obtained by both countries, and Iran was discovered to be sending fake emails to “intimidate voters, incite social unrest and damage President Trump.” It wasn’t surprising news; the commander-in-chief has been extremely hard on the Middle Eastern country. One of the primary goals of his administration was to keep it from growing its nuclear program and, to do that, sanctions were put on the country. At the time, it was thought that Iran believed Biden would bow to them, unlike Trump. Now, that’s been confirmed.

“No Doubt”

On December 17, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said there’s “no doubt” Joe Biden will once again enter a nuclear agreement with his country if he wins the presidential race. He believes that will also lead to the removal of the sanctions implemented by the Trump administration.

Rouhani said the “heroic national resistance” of his country will “compel the future US government to bow.” Biden has also said he would consider lifting the sanctions if Iran adheres to the nuclear agreement.

Counting their Chickens

It seems the Iranian government is counting their chickens before they hatch. Joe Biden is not the official winner of the presidency. There is every reason to believe President Donald Trump could win his fight to overturn the election results in states where he believes fraud was rampant. And — there is no way the president will bow down to any of his enemies.

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