Is Impeachment 2.0 in the Works?

Is Impeachment 2.0 in the Works?

( – Just when everyone thought the impeachment of President Donald Trump was over and done with, it could be coming back. In early March, the House of Representatives won access to secret grand jury materials cited in the Mueller report. They used these to see if there’s new evidence to impeach the president with. However, the D.C. District Court ruled those materials would be kept sealed. The case has now gone to the Supreme Court.

In the letter, it’s clear the House, which is controlled by Democrats, believes there’s sufficient information to warrant further action. Eventually, that could mean new articles of impeachment against Trump.

The request for the secret grand jury materials was made over a year ago, so it could take months for a decision to be made regarding the information’s release. All of this comes after Trump was found innocent on two charges of impeachment.

Democrats, however, are still trying to attack the president over the Mueller report.

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  1. Republican supporters are vile and vicious , since donnie the orange mafia don showed up . I wouldn’t vote for a repugnantcon for a portajohn pumper position. They have became as unAmerican as their great orange menace is stupid. I say purge all Republican politicians from governing , get back to supporting the people’s party , the Democrat party of sanity. It’s just like driving , select D to move forward , select R to move backwards , always been the case , always will be.

    • You gotta be kidding me! America comes first. The man who pushes for better America is the man we need. Not a bunch of fools that refuse to work together. Less government is more

    • Really? How about they know they have a child molesting, woman abusing, lout who uses his office to line his pockets and and force governments to give his do nothing son a job in a field that he has no experience in plus he is guilty as plain as the nose on your face that he was involved in the Trumped up charges against Trump and ruined the life of innocent people (Flynn) so they have no possibility of winning in November. With the shut down of America they hoped to kill Trumps presidency but he has used it to get more airtime and shine a light on the dark places in the swamp and press so now with more and more States demanding their rights to open up businesses they know that a recovery will be under way so they go back to the only play they seem to have in their book. Impeachment. You are a retarded ignoramus. Oh sorry was that insult to many syllables for you.. You are a raving idiot.

    • Hey, Richard Trump, If you are who I think you are, how’s that RV life you’ve been living since 2016? Couldn’t continue to afford a real roof over your head during the Obama Regime? Hold on, buddy, the ‘Orange Man’ will save your ass as soon as the likes of Pelosi and Schiff get out of his way and he can get back to doing his ‘duly elected’ job. LOL

    • The only idiots in America are demonrats they only care about power their wallets and illegals so they can get elected who else is stupid enough to vote for these moron traitor idiots

    • We have about 50 Socialist/ Communists in Congress with the radical squad. Some of the impeachment team were financed by Socialist, George Soros and his Open Society group. The liberal, news media have used fake, written scripts for the news feed from Fusion and another source. The Russian investigation had shown to be a coerced set up, and the same with General Flynn. Check out the transcripts There are many reports on the Ukraine situation, which was set up around one phone conversation of President Trump, in which the transcript says little. But facts show, Joe Biden was the one, who threatened the Prime Minister of Ukraine, that if he didn’t stop investigating his son, he would withhold one billion in aid. Transcripts and video show that Joe Biden demanded, they fire General, Prosecutor Viktor Shokin. So Viktor Shokin filed a criminal complaint on Joe Biden. Check it out. Reports share the amount of funds from various sources, that Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s sons and another individual, had funneled from the Ukraine. When they didn’t impeach President Trump, it appears, the virus came into play. The Clintons and Dr. Fauci were fans of China’s Socialist Health program in 2013. Hillary spoke at the WHO convention in Norway. In 2015, Fauci and the Obama administration gave funds to the Wuhan Viral Lab, the alleged source of the COVID-19. This news is supported by Australia reporters, since they viewed the dossier, regarding the many vials of virus samples of Dr. Shi. From 2012-2016, Obama’s administration allowed Communist China to purchase 8 American, major industries and 145,000 acres of farmland, probably some developed now. They bought the Smithfield meat plant and made a deal with Tyson. With the lockdown, and slowdown of the American economy, communists could make a play for a bigger government and social programs. President Trump and the republicans have been a blessing to block their Communist agenda. That’s why Democrats have been so radical and angry. Americans need to stand for their rights and freedoms. Yes, the virus is a risk, but when did we start counting cases to terrify people into lockdown? In communism, things are free, but not your freedom.

  2. Article V
    January 29, 2019
    How to Term‐​Limit Congress
    By Doug Bandow
    This article appeared on National Review (Online) on January 29, 2019.
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    Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Representative Francis Rooney (R., Fla.) hope to rejuvenate an old idea, proposing a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress. The measure deserves to pass, but it won’t. However, states could take up the battle again by challenging a misguided 1995 Supreme Court decision that protected legislators from accountability to their voters.

    Since Congress won’t restrict itself, individual states should be able to impose term limits.
    Term limits most directly prevent politicians from turning office‐​holding into a career, spending 30 or 40 years as a congressman or senator, hanging on until they can barely function. Forcing rotation in office would also hinder the development of permanent relationships among members and interests/​lobbyists. Even when these ties did develop, they would last only until the member’s term ends.

    By churning offices and encouraging electoral competition, term limits discourage the creation of a permanent political class. Forced to run anew for different offices rather than for reelection as incumbents, a larger fraction of established candidates will be defeated. More contests will feature non‐​incumbents, which will yield a greater focus on issues than on, say, constituent service. “Disruptive” candidates, of the sort seen in the new Democratic caucus in the House, are more likely to succeed.

    Critics worry that legislative turnover just increases the power of congressional staffers, but having essentially permanent chairmen and ranking members leads to near‐​permanent staff too. In practice, voters seem no better served by a 30‐​year legislator than by a 30‐​year staffer, since both tend to represent the political culture, influential interests, and the entrenched state more than anything approaching the public interest. Public‐​choice economics warns us that institutions have interests too, and long‐​serving legislators and staffers largely serve the institution to which they both belong. The argument that voters benefit from having more‐​experienced legislators is belied by the hash such legislators have made of everything from exploding deficits and uncontrolled entitlement outlays to unconstrained presidential war‐​making. Preventing lifetime legislators at least creates a possibility of change.

    Perhaps the most significant evidence of the positive impact of term limits comes from Florida State University economists Randall Holcombe and Robert Gmeiner, who concluded that such restrictions in state legislatures slowed the growth of both spending and taxes. Growth rates ranged between 16 percent and 46 percent lower in states that imposed term limits.

    The impact could be even greater at the federal level. Members consistently vote for more spending the longer they stay in Congress. Once‐​radical critics of the federal government essentially “go native” after serving a few terms in the nation’s capital. The problem of politics turning into a permanent career is worse at the federal level, where legislating is highly professionalized and largely impervious to public influence, let alone control.

    The Cruz‐​Rooney constitutional amendment is similar to one proposed by Cruz two years ago. It would limit senators to two six‐​year terms and congressmen to three two‐​year terms. The measure has three Senate GOP co‐​sponsors. President Donald Trump has endorsed the idea, as has Beto O’Rourke,

  3. Can’t you see the plan of the Democrats. They do not want to talk progress or effective legislation because they have none. It is a vital imperative for the Dems to keep the media harping on this Impeachment bullshit to keep the Repubs from discussing Trump’s great list of legislative wins, Court appointments, regulatory successes and their impact on Mr and Mrs Joe Public. There is only one viable strategy that works, Vote them out of office in November.

  4. May be it is TIME NOW to have Pelosi/SCHUMER/SCHIFFTT/Nadler and the Majority of the NUT CASES of the (D) AS SHOLE party in Congress to have mandated EVALUATIONS for MENTAL PROBLEMS / INCOMPETENCE and INSTABILITY before having them Committed to the “STUPID HA:: OF FAME” >>> WAKE UP AMERICA time to GET IDIOTS OUT OF CONGRESS

  5. The real damage in this whole thing is that no Grand Jury proceeding will be private as the law intended it to be up to this date. Now that the breach of the Mueller Grand Jury proceedings has been made a precedent has been set for all future Grand Juries anywhere in the country. And that is permanent damage to our system of justice.

  6. You mean the dummycrats want a try at number 2 impeachment? That just goes to show you the dummycrats know Trump will win the 2020 election.

    • Yeah they’ll try another 🐂💩 impeachment and they’ll lose yet again and if Piglosi tries her little stunt with delaying sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate again the Senate may say since you’re refusing to send the articles of impeachment over yet again you have x amount of days to send them over or we’ll declare the impeachment null and void because you didn’t send the articles over in time.

  7. This is so ridiculous, the democrats all they know how to do is waste tax payers money they do nothing. we need to get rid of them,especially Pelosi who is so crooked and Schumer,and all the rest. They are a bunch of crooks. Get rid of them!!!

  8. We have to VOTE them out.
    Next month June 2020 let’s RID OF THE POS USELESS DEMORATS.
    Turn Our Whole Country RED

  9. The jerk off democrats will waste time any way to keep from doing the work they were elected to do. They should be run out of D.C. and charged with wasting tax dollars.

  10. It is a shame that with the U.S. and the World n the shape it is in that our elected officials can not get down to there daily business of running the country. Both Democrats, Republicans and Independents. There is a election coming in November. It is doubtful whatever the House does would be approved by the Senate since each vote along party lines. It is doubtful that these proceedings would change any voters minds. Maybe a few but not enough to Chang an election. So how about we just go back to work and try to get America back on track with solid Legislation that does not contain a lot of hidden malarkey in it that has nothing to do with the original bill.

    • “doubtful that these proceedings would change any voters minds” – The repeated fruitless impeachment persecutions and the Democrat party’s failure to do anything beneficial for the people has left the Democrats looking like a popular cartoon character opening another Acme impeachment kit after the last one blew up in their faces by getting their operatives investigated. It has given birth to movements to abandon the party, even among their heretofore most reliable support groups. And their promoted candidate for President? It wouldn’t be inappropriate to deduce they’re trying to lose.

  11. Really? Again with the impeachment? I trust that Muller, when questioned by the Reichstag council at the time he testified would’ve very loudly spoke up about anything that would’ve been even remotely suspected as evidence for impeachment.

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