Is the White House Protecting Joe Biden?

Is the White House Protecting Joe Biden?

( – The press has criticized President Joe Biden over the last couple of years for not taking questions often enough. His aides have faced accusations stating they’re trying to protect him. Recently, the president angered the media again when he only answered one question during a joint meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

On September 21, Johnson and Biden met in the Oval Office. While the two weren’t on the schedule to take questions from the press pool, the prime minister “unexpectedly took questions from British reporters,” according to Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Restuccia. Meanwhile, the American press tried to ask the president questions, but his aides shouted over them.

Biden did answer one question about what’s happening at the southern border where more than 12,000 migrants are camping out, but CBS’ Ed O’Keefe said reporters couldn’t hear his response.

The Mirror journalist Pippa Crerar told her American counterparts the British press thought Biden’s aides were “out of order” for shouting at journalists. The press pool ended up filing a formal complaint with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s office about the incident.

The president’s aides have taken similar action in the past to keep him from answering questions. Their behavior is leading some to wonder why they won’t let Biden speak for himself.

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