Israel Accused of Recruiting “Spy Cows” in Palestine

Israel Accused of Recruiting

( – Israel has been under threat from the day it was founded, and the fact it has survived is a testament to the skill and ingenuity of its military and intelligence services. The Jewish state has often used innovative tactics to thwart attacks and defeat its enemies. But, has it ever done anything as bizarre as what the Palestinians are accusing it of now?

On January 4, the Palestinian Authority’s official newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, carried a story about Israel’s latest rumored tactic. West Bank resident Rushd Morrar, who lives in the village of Khirbet Yanun, says he’s encountered cattle from Israeli settlements around his village. That’s not too hard to believe; farm animals do tend to wander around. However, Morrar believes these are no ordinary cows.

The alarmed villager told the newspaper these cows had been “recruited and trained” by Israel and equipped with medallions that carry microphones and even cameras. This, he says, allows the Israelis to “monitor every detail… large and small” of the many strategic targets that surely must exist in Khirbet Yanun (Population: 102).

This isn’t the first time Israel has been accused of the ingenious use of animals against its neighbors. Morrar also said settlers release wild boar to destroy Palestinian crops; this is a repeat of a claim that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been making for years. In 2008, the official Palestinian news agency claimed Israel released rats, specially bred or modified to be resistant to poison, in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. An Iranian government adviser has even accused Israel of using lizards and chameleons to spy on Tehran’s nuclear program because “their skin attracts atomic waves.” (Spoiler: It doesn’t).

Morrar’s tale of trained cows isn’t quite as unlikely as the lizards, but it may not be far off.

Do you think his claims are feasible?

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