Israel Hamas War Refugees Depart Gaza For Egypt

( – After Hamas terrorists attacked innocent civilians, murdering hundreds of them on October 7, Israel cut Gaza off from the rest of the world. They closed all of the border crossings with their country and dropped bombs on the Gaza-Egypt crossing, preventing refugees from leaving. Nearly a month later, they’re being allowed to depart.

On November 1, Gaza refugees began leaving the area for the first time since the war began. Eighty-eight seriously sick and injured refugees were the first to leave the war-torn Palestinian region through the Rafah Crossing with Egypt. According to reports, ambulances entered Gaza from Egypt and transported patients back out. They were headed for a field hospital on the other side of the border, approximately six miles into the country.

After the sick and injured made it through, the Egyptian government allowed people with foreign passports to begin leaving. Those foreign nationals were trapped in Gaza after the terrorist attack that started the conflict. Tala Abu Nahleh and her family were among those who had been trying to leave the region since the conflict started.

Tala spoke to the BBC and said her mother is a Jordanian citizen and her brother was gravely ill. She explained that her 15-year-old brother Yazid has a seizure condition that has rendered him disabled. When the fighting began in Gaza, his seizures started “getting worse and worse.” Hospitals in Gaza ran out of the medication he needed to keep his condition under control. The family is desperately trying to get the wheelchair-bound teen out of the area.

The young woman told reporters that her family of six is just “trying to survive […] because [she] simply do[esn’t] want to die at 24.”

Another woman, Mona, said she’s an Australian citizen through marriage. She said that she went to the border alone, but her family, including her siblings, are still trapped in Gaza. Unfortunately, they aren’t foreign passport holders, so they will not be able to leave the region with her.

Approximately 400 people were permitted to leave the area on Wednesday. There are more than 2 million Gazans in the roughly 140-square-mile Gaza Strip.

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