“Israel Has Had No Better Friend,” Says Netanyahu On Meeting Senator John Fetterman

(NewsReady.com) – Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman is one of the most outspoken Democratic supporters of Israel in Congress. The lawmaker has repeatedly criticized his progressive colleagues, who have accused the Jewish state of genocide. The senator recently met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On June 26, Fetterman and Netanyahu met with one another in Israel. The prime minister thanked the Pennsylvania senator for his support. He said the country has “been through dark times” during the war, and he could “say that Israel has had no better friend” than the senator. The two men stood next to one another in front of the press. Fetterman was wearing his trademark hoodie, while Netanyahu was dressed in a suit and tie for the occasion.

The prime minister thanked the Democrat for his “courageous statements that show moral clarity and moral courage.” He explained that Israel has always appreciated friendships, but that they’re especially important during these times.

Fetterman said that he was honored to be there and reaffirmed US support for the Middle Eastern nation. He told the press that America stands with its ally and that he was “so sorry” for everything that has happened to the country.

Nearly 1,200 Israelis died on October 7, 2023, after a terrorist attack carried out by Hamas terrorists. The militants also kidnapped hundreds of innocent people and took them back to Gaza. Israel vowed to eradicate the terrorist organization and immediately began bombing Gaza.

Tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians have died in the conflict. Many Democratic lawmakers have accused Israel of committing genocide and demanded President Joe Biden stop sending military aid to the country unless Netanyahu agrees to a ceasefire.

Fetterman was wearing a bracelet during his visit that the family of one of the October 7 victims gave him. He told Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, that he wouldn’t remove the bracelet until Hamas returned all of the hostages.

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