Israel OKs Drone Killer Exports to Ukraine

Israel OKs Drone Killer Exports to Ukraine

( – For more than a year, Israel has avoided giving military assistance to Ukraine. The Middle Eastern nation wanted to avoid any conflict with Russia. When the Russian military began getting drones from Israel’s fiercest enemy, Iran, it put the nation in a tough spot. New reports indicate the Israelis have decided to send a specific weapon meant to counter those drones.

According to an Axios report, Israel has approved export licenses that would let Ukraine purchase anti-drone jamming systems. Though the deal is not final, it would mark a turn in the war for Israel. Officials have claimed it’s not a shift in policy because they have been assisting “in the defense and civilian fields.” But the official refused to give more information about what exactly that meant, saying the Israeli government doesn’t “elaborate on that for national security” reasons. Ukraine has long argued that helping their country is in the best interest of Tel Aviv.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant approved the export licenses in mid-February. The decision came as new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conducted a review of the war policy.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said it’s able to intercept drones between 75-90% of the time. An official told Axios the country really needs a “defensive system against ballistic missiles.”

The Ukrainian government previously asked Israel to send them the missile defense system known as the Iron Dome. However, the US ally did not honor the request and instead continued to stay out of the conflict. While Isreal has not provided military aid, they have sent humanitarian aid to the war-torn nation.

The anti-drone systems use electronic signals to jam and take down drones. They have a range of roughly 25 miles. It’s unclear when the systems could be delivered to Ukraine or if they will be sent there at all.

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