J6 Rioter Busted by Match on the Dating App

(NewsReady.com) – Bumble is a great app for single people to find a potential mate. It’s not the kind of app a person should use to find someone to confess their crimes to. That’s what one man did, and now he’s pleaded guilty to a felony.

On December 20, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia announced that 32-year-old Andrew Quentin Taake pleaded guilty to assaulting officers from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) on January 6, 2021. According to the press release, the Houston resident admitted that he entered the Capitol Complex to stop the certification of the 2020 election. While he was on the grounds, he said he sprayed a line of police officers with bear spray.

About an hour after spraying the officers, the police tried to advance through the rioters to stop them from entering the building. Taake then attacked one of the MPD officers with a whip. The defendant also entered the Capitol Building and brandished the weapon at the police who were in there.

The mastermind criminal later messaged a person he met on a dating app. They asked him if he was “near all the action.” Taake bragged that he was “from the very beginning.” He claimed that law enforcement had thrown flash bangs at him, pepper sprayed, and tear-gassed him. He said it all happened while he was “peacefully standing there.” He then sent the individual a photo of himself. Taake also admitted that he was inside the Capitol Building for about 30 minutes.

The individual Taake messaged turned him over to the FBI in the days following the riot. Federal authorities arrested him on July 23, 2021, and charged him. He decided to take a plea deal. US District Judge Carl Nichols will sentence him on March 26, 2024.

Taake is one of more than 440 people charged with felonies for attacking or impeding law enforcement on January 6.

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