Janet Yellen Announces SANCTIONS – Shocking Update!

Yellen Announces Sanctions Against Networks Aiding Russia

Yellen Announces Sanctions Against Networks Aiding Russia

(NewsReady.com) – When Russia invaded Ukraine, the US and its allies slapped the nation with sanctions almost immediately. In the months since, those measures have been expanded in an attempt to force Russian President Vladimir Putin into withdrawing his troops. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is now punishing other entities helping the aggressive nation.

On November 14, Yellen spoke to reporters while at the G20 summit in Bali. Reuters reported that she announced she was issuing sanctions against a transnational network of companies and people who are helping Russia obtain military technology. She didn’t name the targets of the sanctions during her remarks to the press, but 14 people and 28 businesses are on the list.

The treasury secretary has already prohibited the exportation of American technology and components to Russia that it needs for military equipment. Putin has reportedly started receiving drones from Iran as a result of the sanctions already in place.

Yellen told the press the latest sanctions are keeping with the US’ “effort to disrupt Russia’s war effort and deny equipment it needs” to carry out its mission. She also indicated sanctions could remain in place beyond a peace deal. Currently, Putin has made no attempt to negotiate a treaty with Ukraine despite his major losses on the battlefield.

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