January DNC Debate Wrap-Up

January DNC Debate Wrap-Up

(NewsReady.com) – The latest DNC presidential debate took place in Des Moines, Iowa, the state where the remaining presidential hopefuls are spending much of their efforts. Six candidates qualified for the first debate of 2020, which is a remarkably thinner field initially 20 candidates strong. Other candidates, including Andrew Yang, failed to qualify, as DNC requirements for the debates have become more strict.

The upside of having a smaller field of candidates is that each one receives more speaking time to flesh out their positions and respond to others.

A Host of Topics

To start the night off, each candidate stated their plans to take on Iran. All of them said they want to get America back into the Iran Nuclear Deal. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) was the most adamant about not wanting to enter into another potential war.

Climate change was another significant topic, especially for billionaire Tom Steyer. He says that climate change is the primary issue of his presidential campaign. Steyer also believes that he has the credentials as a businessman to take on President Trump in November.

Additionally, each of the DNC candidates voiced their support for some form of subsidized childcare program to help parents raise families.

Attacks on Bernie

While much of this latest debate was fairly routine as participants stuck to their talking points, essentially everyone took a shot at Sanders. One of the primary highlights centers around the developing feud between Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Rumors of Bernie’s alleged sexism are running amuck, which was briefly addressed on the debate stage.

Tensions between Sanders and Warren have been growing as Sanders’ campaign ramps up the rhetoric. In response to Bernie saying that Warren isn’t bringing anyone new into the Democratic voting pool, she set loose a new controversy. Supposedly, Bernie had stated that a woman couldn’t be elected as president.

Moderators honed in on this tension assuming that Bernie had, in fact, made the statement that he flatly denied.

After the debate, a clip of Sanders and Warren speaking briefly circulated social media. While it’s unknown what was said between the two, both were visibly upset before Sanders all but stormed off stage.


Among the issues that Bernie got flack for was his “Medicare for All” program. None of his peers believed that he could pay for this undoubtedly expensive undertaking. Sanders gave a few notions on how he would pay for it in response.

Aside from the dog piling on Sanders, the other candidates, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden, gave a fairly standard performance. Few other major controversies popped up surrounding them, which made for a relatively quiet night.

The next debate will take place on February 7, just four days after the Iowa caucuses begin.

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