Jeffrey Epstein’s Islands Sold

Jeffrey Epstein's Islands Sold

( – Jeffrey Epstein died in 2019 after committing suicide in his jail cell while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges. His partner in the crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, was found guilty of her involvement in the ring in 2022. Among the places the pair reportedly took their victims were a pair of islands in the Caribbean. Now the islands have sold, and there are big plans for them.

On May 3, SD Investments, LLC, issued a press release announcing Stephen Deckoff has purchased Little St. James and Great St. James Islands in the US Virgin Islands. When Epstein was alive, the locals called the small island “Orgy Island” and the big one “Pedophile Island.” That’s because the billionaire’s clients would reportedly descend on the locations and use them for private escapades with underage sex trafficking victims.

The new owner plans to build a luxury five-star resort with state-of-the-art amenities. The company said the resort will only be 25 rooms but believes it will create jobs, spur economic development, and increase tourism, all while preserving the natural beauty of the environment.

The resort is expected to open in 2025. Deckoff paid $60 million combined for the islands. They span about 230 acres in total. According to The Washington Post, it was like a BOGO deal because one of the islands was previously listed for $55 million on its own, down sharply from the $125 million they used to be worth.

Bespoke Real Estate issued a statement, saying a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the island were sent to the Virgin Islands government because of a settlement between the convicted sex offender’s estate and the government.

Deckoff said he has lived on the US Virgin Islands for more than 10 years, and he’s “tremendously pleased” to be able to build the resort in the area because he thinks it will be right at home in such a beautiful place. He said he doesn’t believe anywhere else in the world is as “special” as the islands.

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