Jesse Watters Says Kamala Is Trying to Fake Her Way Through VP

Jesse Watters Says Kamala Is Trying to Fake Her Way Through VP

( – Rumors about a toxic workplace have followed Vice President Kamala Harris for years. Her presidential campaign was full of drama and now the same chatter surrounds her current staff. Fox News’ Jesse Watters had a lot to say about the veep and her current problems.

On the December 6 episode of “The Five,” the crew discussed rumors about Harris’ awful management style. There are reports she blames her staff for her own failures and lack of preparedness. In weeks, multiple staff members have quit, most notably Symone Sanders.

Watters said it seems as though Harris is “trying to fake her way through” the “second most powerful job” in America.

According to a Washington Post report, a former staff member said working for the VP means they have to put up with “soul-destroying criticism” and have to “[prop] up a bully” constantly. Watters said he believes the report targeted the “low hanging fruit” in the administration when President Joe Biden is the real problem. He went on to say the president has had a number of policy failures and instead of focusing on that, journalists are targeting Harris. He said reporters should give the people what they really want: reporting on how the POTUS is impacting the country.

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