Joe Biden Blasted By Sheriff for His Big ICE Decision

Joe Biden Blasted By Sheriff For His Big ICE Decision

( – Immigration enforcement is an incredibly important part of keeping America safe. ICE is responsible for apprehending and deporting people who are unlawfully present in the US, and many of them have committed felonies while here. President Joe Biden doesn’t seem to understand the critical work the agency does; a Virginia sheriff is livid about the decisions he’s making.

During a February 8 interview with “Fox & Friends,” Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins slammed Biden’s new immigration enforcement rules that will restrain ICE. The law enforcement leader said there will essentially be “no enforcement” of US laws. He said the president has “effectively and functionally dismantled ICE.”

House Republicans also attacked the administration’s decisions.

Biden is so eager to please the radical Left and prove that he’s the opposite of his predecessor, Donald Trump, that he’s willing to put the country in danger. How many Americans will fall victim to criminal aliens before the administration decides it’s not a great idea to ignore the law?

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