Joe Biden Caves on Paid Leave

Joe Biden Caves on Paid Leave

( – Moderate Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) have made it clear they will not vote for the massive $3.5-trillion spending bill as it stands. In order to get the lawmakers on board, President Joe Biden is trying to reduce the cost of the bill. Now, he’s drastically slashed one of his programs.

On October 21, Biden attended a CNN town hall event and announced he’d pared down his family and medical leave program. Originally, he’d wanted to give Americans 12 weeks of paid time off if they had a baby or some kind of health issue, but now it’s “down to 4 weeks” he said. He told the audience he reduced the time off so drastically because he couldn’t get 12 weeks. Yet, four weeks doesn’t even cover the standard period of maternity leave offered by some companies.

While the Biden administration has agreed to cuts in the family leave program, it has left some of the bill’s most controversial provisions intact. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform recently slammed the Left for including a “socialist wish list” in the bill, including billions of dollars for green energy and tax cuts for the wealthy.

If the administration truly cared about the paid leave program, why not reduce some of the programs Republicans have specifically mentioned?

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