Joe Biden Confronted By Reporter Armed With Poll Results

Joe Biden Confronted By Reporter Armed With Poll Results

( – President Joe Biden has come a long way by posing as a man of the people. Through his 48 years at the heart of the federal government, folksy old Joe has always presented himself as the Average American. But, now that act is unraveling.

On August 22, in the middle of a disastrous press conference, a courageous reporter stood up and told Biden the American people don’t trust him to do a good job. The journalist apologized for being “just the messenger,” then told the floundering president, “the majority of Americans… no longer consider you to be competent, focused or effective at the job.”

Biden was visibly stunned at this direct assault on his authority, and could only bluster, “I haven’t seen that poll.” In fact, CBS released the poll that same morning, and the president’s briefing team surely included it in his daily “Early Bird” news summary. Did Biden miss that, or did he just choose to ignore it?

Either way, the CBS poll showed a “decidedly negative” public opinion on the Afghanistan debacle, with 74% of Americans thinking the withdrawal has gone badly. Biden’s approval rating is now down to 50%, but the president seemed baffled that Americans aren’t backing him.

Are his advisors failing him, or is he just too unfocused to do his job?

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