Joe Biden Considering Cyber Attacks Against Russia’s Infrastructure

Joe Biden Considering Cyber Attacks Against Russia's Infrastructure

( – The US was the victim of a massive security breach that impacted government agencies and private companies. On December 21, BBC reported roughly 50 American firms were “genuinely impacted” by the hack. The media immediately blamed Russia, and President Donald Trump disputed their narrative. Now, it seems Joe Biden is making plans to retaliate against the country without all the information.

On Thursday, December 17, Biden, who fully believes he’ll be the next president despite the fact that it isn’t official, said Russia will “be held accountable.” He’s reportedly looking at ways to launch cyberattacks against the former Soviet country and issuing sanctions.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to deny it had any part in the attack. President Trump is also disputing reports that Moscow had a hand in it.

If Biden is sworn into office on January 20th and follows through with his poorly thought out plan, it could lead to an unnecessary cyberwar with Russia or something much worse. Perhaps he should listen to the actual president, for once.

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