Joe Biden Issues Staggering Number of Executive Orders

Joe Biden Issues Staggering Number of Executive Orders

( – President Joe Biden passes his first 100 days in office this week and Americans are starting to take stock of how well he has done. So far, it’s not looking great for the new president, especially when it comes to the border.

As of April 27, Biden had signed 94 executive actions related to immigration. He has rescinded the ban on the catch-and-release program, allowing COVID-19 positive immigrants free in communities across America. He ended the stay-in-Mexico policy, which led to a flood of illegals coming across the border. It seems as though every policy he implements welcomes more undocumented immigrants and makes the country less safe.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (R) slammed Biden for his terrible policies.

At this point in former President Donald Trump’s first term, he issued less than 30 orders on immigration. But the ones he did issue made the country safer and border security tighter, the exact opposite of what Biden is doing. There’s now a crisis at the border and it seems the new administration has absolutely no idea how to fix it — a troubling realization for Americans.

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