Joe Biden Meeting With France’s President Amid Rift Between Countries

Joe Biden Meeting With France's President Amid Rift Between Countries

( – President Joe Biden angered French President Emmanuel Macron recently in a dispute over a submarine contract with Australia. The US ally was so upset, he recalled his ambassador to Washington. Now, the US president is trying to repair the rift.

On Wednesday, September 22, Biden and Macron spoke for the first time since their disagreement over a submarine contract. The discord between the two nations occurred earlier this month when the US, UK, and Australia announced an Indo-Pacific defense deal that cost France a $65-billion submarine deal with the Australians. The French accused the US of stabbing them in the back.

During the call, Biden reportedly apologized for not bringing the French into the conversation about the submarines.

Biden and Macron are now planning to meet in October in Europe.

France is the US’ oldest ally. It’s the reason America was able to beat the British during the Revolutionary War. The French have helped the US a number of times since then, including in Afghanistan. So, this rift Biden caused by cutting our long-time ally out of the deal was shocking. Fortunately, it seems like it’s back on track.

Hopefully, Biden doesn’t do anything to cause another rift in the meantime.

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