John Kelly Secretly Listened to Donald Trump’s Phone Calls, Report Reveals

John Kelly Secretly Listened to Donald Trump's Phone Calls, Report Reveals

Trump’s Phone Calls Bugged – Secret Spying Reported!

( – Former President Donald Trump often warned of the dangers of the Washington “swamp,” the Beltway insiders who work to frustrate elected politicians and preserve the status quo. Now, it turns out the swamp had seeped into his own White House staff. New revelations show that every phone conversation the president made was monitored by a trusted assistant.

A new memoir by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and former adviser, reveals that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was listening to all the president’s calls — without his knowledge. Kelly’s monitoring only came to light when Mick Mulvaney replaced him as chief of staff in January 2019 and told the president he was ending the practice. Kushner wrote that Trump was “stunned” at the violation of his privacy.

Kelly, a decorated former Marine Corps general, took over as chief of staff six months into the Trump administration; his appointment was seen as a move to end power struggles inside the White House. At first, he seemed a good fit, with political views that closely matched the president’s, but relations steadily went downhill. Kelly certainly didn’t get on with Kushner; he downgraded Trump’s son-in-law’s security clearance and banned him from negotiations over moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Finally, Kelly turned on Trump himself, demanding his resignation after the January 6 riots. Now, thanks to Kushner, we know Kelly was just another rogue Washington operator all along.

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