John Ratcliffe Urges Biden Take China Threat Seriously

Ratcliffe Demands Biden Administration Takes China Threat Seriously


  • More than 1,000 researchers have fled the US as the DOJ cracks down on espionage. 
  • China continues to be a major problem for the US.
  • President Donald Trump’s tough stance on the country made it clear the US won’t be bullied.
  • Joe Biden has said he isn’t worried about China.

( – Throughout the presidential campaign, President Donald Trump warned voters Joe Biden was going to be weak towards China if he won the race. The former vice president gave him plenty of reason to think that was true. Now, a top intelligence official is demanding he take the threat seriously.

“Be Honest”

On December 3, Fox News published an exclusive interview with Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. The DNI said Biden is going to have to “be honest” and admit that China is the “greatest national security threat” the US faces. He went on to say the Communist country wants to “dominate” and is the only country that can challenge “American supremacy.”

Biden’s History

During the early days of his campaign, Biden laughed at the idea that he should take China seriously. When he was asked about the trade challenges with the country, he said, “Come on, man…. they’re not competition for us.” The Democrat also bragged about his relationship with Xi Jinping, China’s Communist leader.

During former President Barack Obama’s administration, China became more powerful than ever. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, reportedly had extensive dealings in the Communist country and many have wondered if that had something to do with the way the administration’s attitude towards the country.

President Trump, on the other hand, was incredibly tough on China. He negotiated a historic trade deal, sanctioned people and businesses in the country, and has cracked down on Chinese nationals coming into America to steal trade secrets and other information. In short, he’s treated the country as the threat they are. Is Biden going to continue that legacy if he wins or pivots to Obama’s failed policies?

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