Junk Removal Company Is Making Bank

Junk Removal Company Is Making Bank

(NewsReady.com) – Sometimes, a lucky entrepreneur manages to build a successful business from a simple idea. One Illinois man started by hauling some junk to the dump as a favor to his mom — and now runs a thriving business that works in three states and employs 20 people. For The Junk Removal Dudes, business is booming, and failing Democrat city governments are pushing more customers their way.

In 2015, Alex Broches’ mom asked if he knew anyone that could clear some junk from her friend’s house. He didn’t, so he said he’d do it himself. He hitched up a trailer to his SUV and carried out the task. Then, he found there was a market for junk removal, and soon he was taking on a couple of jobs a week. Eight years later, The Junk Removal Dudes has a fleet of colorfully painted trucks, a team of 20 and an operation that covers northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin. They’ve hauled away over 10,000 loads of junk, and this year alone, they’ve cleared over a thousand homes.

Broches saw a gap in the market and built a company to fill it, and it’s worked out well for everyone. If you live in the area they cover and don’t have the time or inclination to spend a day dragging junk out of your home and hauling it to the dump, The Junk Removal Dudes will do it for you. It isn’t just convenience that’s driving people to Broches’ business, though.

Many people are leaving Illinois. From July 2021 to July 2022, over 142,000 more people left the state than moved to it. A range of factors are pushing them out, including rising crime and some of the highest taxes in the country. Faced with the state’s problems, residents are heading for other states or even other countries — and they’re hiring The Junk Removal Dudes to get rid of their unwanted possessions when they leave.

Before the pandemic, around 30% of Broches’ clients were people who were leaving the state. Now it’s about half. The increase in emigration is good news for Broches and his team, but it’s bad news for Illinois.

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