Kamala Harris Office Goes Into Chaos, Reports Suggest

Kamala Harris Office Goes Into Chaos, Reports Suggest

(NewsReady.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris has had a terrible year. She was elected to the number two position in the White House, and it was all downhill from there. New reports suggest her office is in absolute chaos these days.

On Monday, October 12, Harris’ office released a bizarre video with child actors where she tried to encourage kids to get interested in space. Critics slammed the performance, calling it fake and comparing it to an incompetent vice president’s HBO show “Veep”.

It was the latest in a long list of failures. Earlier in the summer, 22 current and former staff members complained about a toxic work environment in the vice president’s office. Her aides complained about being mistreated by other members of the staff, saying it’s abusive.

The toxic work environment claims aren’t new. During Harris’ Democratic primary campaign, there were similar complaints. In November 2019, her campaign’s state operations director, Kelly Mehlenbacher, resigned from her position citing poor treatment of staff.

In addition to allegations of a toxic work environment, Harris has spent months facing criticism over her handling of the border crisis. President Joe Biden put her in charge of it months ago, and it seems she has done almost nothing to contain the problem.

As the first female vice president, Harris will go down in history no matter what. At this point, winning the election seems to be her only victory.

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