Kamala Lies Right Out of the Gate

Kamala Lies Right Out of the Gate

(NewsReady.com) – Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) faced off in Salt Lake City on October 7. The two met for the only VP debate of the 2020 election. As expected, the Democratic candidate came out of the gate swinging … with lies.

The first question moderator Susan Page asked about was COVID-19. Kamala came in hot with the lie about President Donald Trump calling the virus a “hoax.”

The president never called the virus a hoax. He said the Democratic Party was using the outbreak as an excuse to attack him again. He explained their response was a hoax, not the virus. In fact, he proved that he was taking the virus seriously from the beginning; that’s why he banned travel from China almost immediately.

Democrats like Harris can keep repeating this lie. Unfortunately for them, that won’t make it true. As Pence said, she’s entitled to her own opinions, not her own facts.

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