Kanye West Shares Doctored Photo

Kanye West Shares Doctored Photo Mocking Trump

(NewsReady.com) – Rapper Kanye West is continuing his presidential run despite his inability to get on the ballots in many states. He’s even released a campaign video urging voters to write his name in when they head to the polls. On October 13, the presidential candidate/reality TV star tweeted something that led to a slap on the wrist from Twitter.

West tweeted a screenshot of Kentucky NBC affiliate’s LEX 18 News that showed he was ahead of both Joe Biden and Presidential Donald Trump. The numbers in the photo were not real; they were numbers from a mock poll. That didn’t stop the rapper from celebrating the lie, though.

Twitter flagged West’s post as “manipulated media.”

Kanye West’s longshot run isn’t likely to hurt President Trump. However, some believe it will siphon black voters away from Biden and could lead to his loss.

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