Kari Lake Says Republicans Would Rather Die of Thirst Than Drink Bud Light

Kari Lake Says Republicans Would Rather Die of Thirst Than Drink Bud Light

(NewsReady.com) – Conservatives have been boycotting Budweiser for months because the company decided to send a single can of Bud to a transgender social media influencer. Many Republicans felt as though the beloved beer company was going woke. A former GOP gubernatorial candidate just made it clear nothing has changed.

On Monday, June 5, ex-Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appeared on Newsmax’s “The Balance.” During the interview, she told host Eric Bolling that Conservatives weren’t going to “sit by idly” while the LGBTQ+ community was represented in marketing, saying they were being “thrown in” the faces of Republicans and their kids. Mediaite reported that Lake said she wasn’t trying to attack gay men and women but said the GOP would “shut it all down” when the culture and advertising pushed their ideologies.

Bolling said he wondered if the companies could win Conservatives back by apologizing or making changes. Lake said she doesn’t think many of them will. She explained that some people she knows “would rather die of thirst than take a sip of Bud Light.”

Lake said she does think some of the consumers will eventually go back to Target and other companies after they prove how powerful they are.

Over the years, Conservatives have tried to cancel a number of companies. In 2017, they broke their Keurigs after the company pulled its advertising from Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show. They also called for the NFL to be canceled because the league allowed players to kneel during the national anthem to protest police violence.

Starbucks has faced the wrath of Conservatives over the years, especially during the Christmas season when their cups are released. Target, which is currently being boycotted, has also had problems, most notably when the company allowed transgender customers to use the bathroom of their choice when they visited the store.

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