Kevin McCarthy Is Running Out of Time to Secure Speakership

Kevin McCarthy Is Running Out of Time to Secure Speakership

( – GOP gains in November’s midterm elections mean the new House speaker will be a Republican, and the front runner so far has been House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). But, not all his colleagues are behind his bid. Although there aren’t any obvious rivals for the job, there are doubts about whether he can pull together enough votes to win the ballot.

The 118th Congress will open on January 3, and one of its first tasks will be to elect the new House speaker. Republicans will hold 222 seats in the Lower Chamber, against 212 Democrats and one vacant seat — and McCarthy needs to get 218 votes to win. That means, assuming no Democrats back him, he can only afford to have four Republicans deny him their votes. Right now, at least five GOP representatives look unlikely to support him, and several more are refusing to commit.

Seven Republicans are calling for changes to House rules, including allowing members to force a vote on removing the speaker, banning PACs aligned with the party leadership from primaries, and making it harder to raise the debt ceiling. They also want a special committee to investigate the Biden Administration’s abuse of government.

Over the last few days, McCarthy has made moves to meet those demands and win over his critics. Will that be enough to get him past the 218 mark? If not, who else will run for the job? We’ll find out next Tuesday.

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