KFC Mistake Lands Them In The FRYER – Apology Isn’t Enough!

KFC Accidentally Promotes Nazi Atrocity With Push Notification

KFC Accidentally Promotes Nazi Atrocity With Push Notification

(NewsReady.com) – It’s not unusual for restaurants to run promotions on holidays as a way to drum up more business. However, KFC is in hot water after running an advertisement on a completely different kind of day.

KFC Germany has issued an apology to customers after a push notification went out on its app to celebrate the “Anniversary of the Reich’s pogrom night,” according to The New York Times (NYT). The restaurant chain told customers to stop by and enjoy “tender cheese with crispy chicken.” The message went out to customers on the somber anniversary of the beginning of a horrible two-day campaign by the Nazis during WWII against Jews.

On November 9 and 10, 1938, Nazis coordinated with Adolf Hitler to carry out a campaign of violence against Jews. They vandalized Jewish businesses by smashing the windows out, littering the streets with glass. They also set fire to synagogues, attacked homes where Jewish families lived, and damaged cemeteries. Police and fire officials refused to protect the victims. Nazis ordered law enforcement to arrest roughly 30,000 innocent Jewish men, who were then sent to concentration camps. Hundreds of Jews died during and after.

The campaign of terror became known as Kristallnacht, or “The Night of Broken Glass.”

In a statement published by the NYT, KFC told its customers the message was “inappropriate.” The company blamed a “semi-automated” process linked to a calendar that contains holidays and other days of observance. The statement went on to say the message wasn’t approved.

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