Kim Jong-un Fires “Test” Missile That Could Be Used Against America

Kim Jong-un Fires

( – After years of good behavior while President Donald Trump was in office, North Korea has seemingly restarted long-range missile tests. Over the weekend, the rogue state tested a new cruise missile that could potentially carry a nuclear warhead to attack the US.

On September 13, the Workers Daily, a North Korean state-owned newspaper, reported the country had just test-fired its latest system. According to the newspaper, which is notorious for its pro-regime propaganda, the weapon flew more than 900 miles in around 1.5 hours. If that’s accurate, it gives the missile similar performance – at least in range and speed – to the US Tomahawk.

However, no details of the North Korean weapon’s guidance systems have been released, yet. Images show a missile similar to both the Tomahawk and the Russian SS-N-21.

North Korea says it’s already carried out two cruise missile tests this year, “but we did not disclose them.” The Stalinist state regularly exaggerates its military capabilities, but both Tomahawk and SS-N-21 can carry nuclear warheads, and there’s no reason the North Korean system couldn’t do the same. If launched from a submarine, such a weapon could fly under US ballistic missile defenses and hit targets hundreds of miles inland.

In light of this new information, the Biden administration needs to start putting pressure on Pyongyang to end its nuclear games.

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