Kim Jong Un Is Testing This TERRIFYING New Tactic!

North Korea

North Korea “Simulating the Attack” on Its Enemies

( – The US and South Korea recently held a series of war games to ensure both countries were ready to respond to any threats. The exercises angered North Korea. So, leader Kim Jong-un began acting out and making his own preparations.

According to Axios, the North Korean military claimed its recent missile launches were “simulating the attack” on its neighbors.

In a statement, the North Korean military stated it carried out “countermeasures to smash the continued frenzy of war provocations of the enemy.” It went on to say it fired a missile that could paralyze their so-called enemies’ command systems. South Korean officials disputed some of these claims.

In recent weeks, Kim has threatened nuclear war multiple times and has carried out multiple exercises, including firing a missile that reportedly crossed the maritime border. Officials in the US issued a strongly-worded report that stated the dictator’s regime would not survive if it ever used weapons of mass destruction against the US.

While North Korea makes threats, the US and South Korea are doing what they can to ensure both nations are as prepared just in case Kim decides to go further than tests.

What do you think about the recent launches from North Korea? Are you concerned?

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