Kim Jong-un’s Sister Threatens Disaster

Kim Jong-un's Sister Threatens Disaster

( – On Friday, April 1, South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook underscored his country’s ability to defend itself against North Korea. He said his country is capable of launching a preemptive strike on its neighbor if needed. Wook’s comments enraged Kim Jong-un’s influential sister.

Two days after Wook’s remarks, Kim Yo-jong released a statement through state-controlled media. She said the defense minister is a “scum-like guy” who had the audacity to talk about a preemptive strike on a “nuclear weapons state.” She went on to say Wook is a “confrontation maniac” who is stuck in a “mindset of confrontation” with North Korea.

Kim said South Korea “may face a serious threat” now because of the remarks Wook made. She alleged North Korea is now reconsidering many of the aspects of its relationship with its southern neighbor, telling its government to “discipline itself if it wants to stave off disaster.”

It’s ironic that Kim is accusing South Korea of aggression when her brother, Kim Jong-un, has recently made a number of threatening statements. He claimed he was going to build up his military so it would be capable of attacks. He also said he tested a nuclear-capable missile. Wook’s remarks came after repeated threats from North Korea, and yet, Kim called him a “scum-like guy.”

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