Klobuchar Rally Canceled After Protest

Klobuchar Rally Canceled After Protest

(NewsReady.com) – Democrat presidential wannabe Amy Klobuchar was forced to cancel a campaign rally Sunday night, after protesters invaded the venue to complain about a court case she was involved in 18 years ago.

In 2002, Klobuchar was county attorney for Hennepin County, MN, when the county charged and prosecuted gang member Myon Burrell for the murder of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards.

Burrell protested his innocence, despite having given three contradictory alibis and having been seen by witnesses firing a rifle at a member of a rival gang when a stray bullet killed Tyesha. Edwards was tried twice, once by jury and then a judge-only retrial, and was found guilty twice.

Klobuchar didn’t prosecute the trial that put Burrell in jail, and has said that if new evidence has been found the case should be reopened. However, activists linked to Black Lives Matter have been demanding she quit the presidential race because of her involvement.

After protesters invaded her rally in St. Louis Park, MN, the senator’s campaign team offered to arrange a meeting between the intruders and Klobuchar if they allowed the rally to proceed. They refused, and the event had to be canceled.

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